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On this page you can find lawyers representing clients in Franklin County, Georgia, courts for civil and criminal matters. Lawyers on this page may also represent clients other Georgia counties.

Franklin County lawyers serve clients in Carnesville, Lavonia, Franklin Springs, Gumlog, Royston, Canon, and nearby towns in Franklin County, Georgia.

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A shortlist of law firms in Franklin County GA

Robin Cato
40 Marion Street
Royston, GA 30662
Phone: 404-518-3406
Family, Divorce, Traffic Tickets

James C. Brown
145 Rue Cezzan
Lavonia, GA 30553
Phone: 706-356-2972
General Practice

Harvey Wasserman
1130 Hull Ave
Carnesville, GA 30521
Phone: 706-246-9320
Personal Injury

Charles Strickland
5570 Vickery Street
Lavonia, GA 30553
Phone: Unknown
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury

Douglas T. Kidd
833 Grogan Street
Lavonia, GA 30553
Phone: 706-356-1778
Website: Law Offic of Douglas T. Kidd
Small Business, Municipal Law

F. Mayes Davison
504 Lee Street
Royston, GA 30662
Phone: 706-245-7211
Criminal Defense,, Family, Divorce

Justin Berelc
13033 Jones Street
Lavonia, GA 30553
Phone: 706-914-1915
Personal Injury, Estate Planning

Richard K. Milford
197 Athens Street
Carnesville, GA 30521
Phone: 706-384-3501
Website: Milford & Milford
Real Estate, Probate

Warren C. Caswell
P.O. Box 318
Ila, GA 30647
Phone: 706-789-3609
Business Law, Appeals

Barbara Geter
6053 Athens Road
Carnesville, GA 30521
Phone: 706-208-0004
General Practice

Stephen S. Raines
240 Lakeview Court
Lavonia, GA 30553
Phone: 706-356-5637
Business Law

Stephen H. Smith
6483 Athens Road
Carnesville, GA 30521
Phone: 706-613-1110
General Practice